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This Cookie Policy, www.gaviel.co alan website (“Website”) ”), to all persons (“User”) who use the products and/or services of Hasmin Ticaret Sümeyra Kaymak (“Company”). This Cookie Policy has been prepared by the Company in order to provide detailed information about the scope and purposes of the use of cookies on the Website, taking into account the privacy and protection of personal data of its Users. If the cookie notification warning on the Website is closed and the Website continues to be used, it is deemed that you consent to the use of Cookies.

Cookies are small identification and data storage files that are sent to your electronic devices when you access an online service through your browser and remember that your device has accessed the Website. Cookies may send these files back to the source website or another website that recognizes cookies. In these files, information about your Web Site navigation is stored in order to enable you to benefit from some basic features of the Web Site, to remember your data when you use the Web Site again, and to use the Web Site more effectively and easily.

The main purposes of the use of cookies on our website; Collecting information about advertisements based on past visits by users to the Website, optimizing and publishing advertisements, providing you with a user-friendly experience, ensuring the development and proper functioning of the Website, enabling the Company to improve its services and products, to facilitate the use of .

Cookies are the name and Internet Protocol (IP) address of the internet service provider you use to access the site on the electronic device you access the Web Site, the date and time you access the Web Site, the pages accessed while on the Web Site and the site directly. It collects data about your usage preferences and your navigation on the Website, including the internet address of the website that provides the connection. These data may be transferred to our domestic business partners for the purposes stated here.

There are different types of cookies according to the purpose of use and the duration of use. Our company uses analytics cookies, session cookies, persistent cookies, mandatory cookies, function cookies, commercial cookies and third party cookies.

Mandatory cookies and Analytics/Performance cookies cannot be disabled; however, if you do not want other types of cookies to be stored on your computer, you can change your cookie usage preferences in your browser's settings. Cookie management settings differ from browser to browser, and there is detailed information about cookies under the help menus of modern browsers. However, if you prevent the use of cookies, you may not be able to receive some of the services provided by the Company over the internet or you may not see special offers.

The Company may update, change or repeal the provisions of this Cookie Policy at any time. Any updated, changed or repealed provision shall become effective for the User at the time of publication. After the change, the User can not use the Company's services or products.Continuing to use it will mean your consent to the changes.

Cookies are kept on computers and devices for a suitable period of time, provided that the legal maximum period is not exceeded.

For more detailed information on the processing of your personal data by the company Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy.

Cookie Name: Session Cookies

Provider: GAVIEL

Purpose: Cookies used to control the user's session.

To maximize your user experience during your visit to our websites, to offer you the most appropriate and personalized content, to monitor our own performance, to ensure your security and privacy during your visit to our website, to store your user name and password information, to store your language preference, We use cookies for many different purposes, including but not limited to providing advertisements that are more relevant to your interests.

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Duration: 60 Minutes

Cookie Name: Google Tag Manager

Provider: Google

Purpose: Cookies that enable the transmission of statistics sent via Google Analytics.

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Cookie Name: Google Analytics

Provider: Google

Purpose: Google Analytics is Google's free analytics tool that helps website and app owners understand what visitors are doing on their websites and apps. It may use a set of cookies to collect information and report website usage statistics to Google without identifying visitors. The main cookie used by Google Analytics is the '_ga' cookie.

In addition to reporting website usage statistics, Google Analytics, along with some of the advertising cookies described above, can also be used to help show you more relevant ads on Google properties (such as Google Search) and across the web, and to measure interactions with the ads we show.

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